CP Cal Committees

Collaborative Practice California: Committees

Committees drive the initiatives and benefits on behalf of Collaborative Practice California members, providing the support and tools to promote Collaborative Practice and deliver services statewide.

All CP Cal members are welcome to join, serve, and contribute their skills and expertise for the benefit of both professionals and the clients they serve.

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All subcommittees and initiatives fall under the umbrella of one of the standing committees, as outlined below:

Membership and Protocol Committee

The Membership and Protocol Committee shall make recommendations regarding protocol, qualification standards, and maintain records relating to membership qualifications, and such other related activities.

The Membership and Protocol Committee helps nurture the board’s relationships with the delegates, enlists practitioners to committees, task forces, and delegate/leadership positions, and supports intergroup projects and trainings for the practice groups throughout California.

Collaborative TIPS Committee

The Collaborative TIPS Committee shall seek to provide, directly and/or through others, opportunities for the enhancement of Collaborative Practitioners’ skills and understanding in order to better provide for the needs of Collaborative clients.

Public Education Committee

The Public Education Committee shall develop and disseminate materials for the education of the public and professionals about CP Cal and Collaborative Practice through various modes, including, without limitation, print and electronic media, direct presentations and other methods and to conduct other activities related to the promotion of CP Cal, its members and their interests.

Subcommittees include:

  • Website and Social Media:
    Promoting CP Cal and educate its members and the public through website and social media technology.
  • Divorce Options: 
    Promoting Divorce Options for the use of CP Cal member groups, and groups outside California, in their effort to educate the public about their divorce choices.

Resource and Fundraising Committee

Ensures that CP Cal has the financial resources to accomplish its mission.

To develop Collaborative Practice California’s (CP Cal) Fund Development capabilities and raise the funds necessary to support the organization’s short- and long-term goals.

Develop fundraising ideas to reach out to Collaborative professionals and other donors to generate funds for CP Cal to be used in its general fund, which includes public education, educating Collaborative professionals and promoting Collaborative Practice.

Annual Celebration Committee

Oversee and direct the production of the annual statewide conference.