Eureka Awards

The Eureka Award recognizes and honors those who “have made significant contributions and demonstrated an abiding dedication to establishing and sustaining Collaborative Practice in California.”

The Eureka Award is not limited to those in any particular practice or career. Previous honorees include members of the core disciplines – mental health, financial, and legal – as well as those who are not licensed in these professions.

The Eureka Award was established in 2006 as part of the very first Celebration of Collaborative Practice in Sonoma, California and actually pre-dates the founding of CP Cal. In its first two years, the Eureka Award Committee chose to play “catch up” and honored several recipients each year. In 2008, the CP Cal Board chose to limit the Eureka Award to three to five Honorees.

Eureka Award Winners


Wendy Jones        
Russel Phelps
Patricia Van Haren
Fern Topas Salka


Kristine Cummings
JD Heberger
Faith Jansen
Deborah Jo Sandler


Kathy Campbell
Jim Hallett
Kimberly Madigan
Linda Tell
Lynn Waldman


Anthony J. Aloia
Emily De Falla
Gary LaMusga
Tanya Prioste
Shawn Skillin


Don Blythe
John Denny
Jami Fosgate
Jeffery Jacobson
Beth McClelland


Sharon Clark
Bruce Fredenburg
Meredith Lewis
Ria Severance
Betsey Williams


Kathleen Faulkner
Diana Martinez
Tracy McKenney
Beth Proudfoot
Lynne Verdone


Mary Ann Aronsohn
Melanie Belmont
Keith Britany
Melva Warriner
Lisa Zonder


Paul Brimberry
Kevin Chroman
Cathleen Collinsworth
Thellen Levy
Shawn Weber


Jay Bray
Susan Campbell
Stephanie Maloney
Joseph P. Spirito, Jr.
Jude Sterling


Debra Bellings-Kee
Ann Buscho
Steven Garelick
Brian Don Levy
Lisa Schneider


Bart Carey
Jane Euler
Arlene Kostant
John McDaniel
Karen Russell


Marc Berke
Carol Hughes
Steve Rutlen
Warren Sacks
Len Weiler


Suzan Barrie Aiken
Karen Heller Berdy
Judi Foley
Amy Rodney
Dawn Strachan


Natalie Leininger
Lisa Murray
Leslee Newman
Emily Weaver


Randy Cheek
Shari DeLisle
Liz Ferris
Fred Glassman
Kathleen O`Connor


Peg Anderson
Hal Bartholomew
Catherine Conner
David Fink
Paula Jackson
Mike Lowy
Rod Nurse
Steve Popell
Jean Petrick
Pete Roussos
David Weinberg


Honorable Aviva Bobb
Cathy Daigle
Kim Davidson
Mark Hill
Jennifer Jackson
David Kuroda
Alan Nobler
George Richardson
Chip Rose
Nancy Ross
Pauline Tesler
Peggy Thompson
Donna Beck Weaver