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Collaborative Practice San Francisco (CPSF) is an alliance of individual, unaffiliated, collaborative practitioners trained and experienced in Collaborative Practice and committed to avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts. Our group consists of family law attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals.

We are committed to the Collaborative Process, an approach to solving problems by reaching mutually agreeable solutions. Clients and professionals work together, respectfully and in good faith, to gather the information needed to reach an agreement. All agree at the outset that the case will be settled, not contested. If the case cannot be settled, the attorneys and other professionals must withdraw. Everything remains confidential. Most of the work is done in meetings. We assemble a team based on the clients’ needs, which can include attorneys, coaches, financial experts, child specialists and other professionals as needed. We clarify interests, brainstorm options and evaluate choices – the goal is a resolution which meets the fundamental needs of both parties.. The method is designed to minimize hostility and allow the parties the possibility of a cordial relationship in the future.