About CP Cal

Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley (CPSV)

Silicon Valley

Represented Counties:

Santa Clara, San Mateo

About the Group:

Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley (CPSV) is an educational, not for profit, association of Collaborative professionals [IRC §501 (c) (6)] established in 1993. It was originally known as the Collaborative Law Association, and as such was the first registered Collaborative Association in the state of California and is the second oldest Collaborative group in North America. We are a group of professionals interested in helping couples and families resolve conflicts in a positive and respectful manner. Our group consists of family, probate and civil attorneys, mental health professionals, financial planners and others professionals. Although we are primarily located in the Silicon Valley area, some of our members include professionals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are committed to the Collaborative Process, an alternative dispute resolution process that seeks mutually agreeable solutions. Clients and professionals work together, respectfully and in good faith, to gather the information needed to reach an agreement that is a win/win for all.


We are dedicated to:

  • Leading and innovating in Collaborative Practice
  • Enhancing the quality of life of our clients through a dignified and respectful dispute resolution process
  • Assisting our members and other colleagues in improving their professional skills
  • Promoting our personal development through our Collaborative practice
  • Increasing public and professional awareness of Collaborative Practice.