Blogs Matter

woman reading at computer

by Tanya Prioste

You may ask yourself, “Do blogs really matter? It seems like a lot of work without a lot of benefit.” I can tell you they do matter. They educate the public about the subject matter and also attract potential clients. Here’s an example: I wrote a blog regarding Collaborative Prenups. The title of the blog is, “Is There Such a Thing as a Collaborative Prenup?” It was posted on the Collaborative Divorce California website in January 2022. It happens to be a topic I care very greatly about. A Collaborative process for premarital agreements gives engaged couples the opportunity to talk about their prospective lives together and to identify their collective and individual goals and interests. Before any agreement is drafted, they have a guiding set of principles and have a working understanding of the objectives they want the agreement to cover.

After the blog was posted, a potential client from New York contacted me regarding this process. The potential client knew there was a better way to create a premarital agreement and searched the web until they found my blog and my contact information. While I felt great about promoting the idea of a Collaborative Premarital Agreement, even better was that a potential client was affirmatively looking for such a resource and they found me.

Blogs matter. Write one today to promote something you care about.