Warren Sacks Memorial Scholarship

The Institute for Family Dispute Resolution (formerly CP Cal Foundation) announces the 2nd annual Warren Sacks Memorial Scholarship, created in honor of our dear founding board member and treasurer Warren Sacks. With funding from Warren’s Collaborative practice group LACFLA, and generous donations from the Collaborative community, this scholarship pays for first-time attendees to join us at Celebration!

To receive this scholarship, an applicant must be a first-time attendee, have a demonstrated interest in non-adversarial family dispute resolution, and obtain a recommendation from a member of a CP Cal Practice Group.

IFDR has established selection preferences. These are not requirements, however, and we encourage anyone interested to apply, even if you are not among the selection preferences listed! Selection preferences will be given to applicants who are:

  1. Are members of under-represented communities including, but not limited to, communities of color, ethnic minorities, or socio-economically disadvantaged communities.
  2. Have different physical abilities
  3. Do not identify as cis gender
  4. Are bi-lingual or bi-cultural

Please fill out the application form and email it by March 6, 2024 to IFDR President Emily De Falla, at emily@defallalaw.com. Please address inquiries there as well.