Examining Race and Culture
in Collaborative Practice

The CP Cal Foundation, in collaboration with Collaborative Practice California are sponsoring a free


2 Fridays
9:00 AM to Noon

March 11, 2022 & April 1, 2022

Facilitated by the Center for Understanding in Conflict, this two-session workshop is designed to put CP Cal, the practice groups, and individual practitioners in the best possible position to address systemic white supremacy culture in our work individually and collectively. Recognizing that relationships are the foundation for this work, we will explore power, intersectionality, and anti-racism as well as our needs, interests and values. We will engage in a deep analysis of how these impact, and are woven into Collaborative Practice, assessing where we are now.

We will then work concretely on how to change and adapt Collaborative Practice using a racial equity and justice lens, and how to respond to resistance to such changes. Throughout, we will use self-reflection tools and dynamic conversations to prepare the CP Cal and CP Cal Foundation boards, practice groups and individuals to go on to design outcomes and implement specific plans to develop a more inclusive professional community serving a broad and diverse clientele.


Workshop Facilitators

About The Center for Understanding in Conflict

We believe that there is no such thing as “neutrality” in the conflict professional. We like and dislike clients. We are annoyed by them. And we feel the effects of being targets of their discomfort, hostility and grief. We teach those who work with conflict to turn these emotions they’ve often avoided into a source of empathy, connection and understanding. They can then guide the parties through the same process and help them identify and resolve the deepest issues that separate them. These are rarely the issues they initially bring to mediation.

To learn more, go to: https://understandinginconflict.org/

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