You Are What Makes the Difference

CP Cal is committed to supporting you, members of our Practice Group community and needs your financial support in order to continue to grow and transform the future.

When you serve as a Collaborative professional for a family in crisis, you make a profound difference in their future. You help people preserve their family relations and take a positive path forward, avoiding a painful and destructive process.

Collaborative Practice California (CP Cal) is the statewide professional group supporting your work and the work of your local practice group.

CP Cal educates:

  • The public about no-court divorce, civil, and trusts & estates options
  • Policy makers about Collaborative Practice and how they can support it
  • Other like-minded professionals to encourage them to join CP Cal’s ranks

CP Cal sponsors:

  • Divorce Options workshops for divorcing families
  • Trusts and Estates Options workshops for families in transition
  • Online public education via our website and social media

CP Cal provides:

  • Training and resources for professional development
  • An annual conference to share best practices
  • A supportive community of respected colleagues


Please Consider a Contribution of at Least One Billable Hour

We ask each of our members and supporters to consider a donation equivalent to at least one billable hour. Your financial support will allow us to reach more families in transition and more Collaborative practitioners.


Collaborative Practice California is a 501 (C) (6) nonprofit professional benefit association. Your donation is not-eligible as a charitable income tax deduction. Please consult your financial professional regarding your ability to deduct your contribution as a business expense to the extent allowed by law.