Advanced Collaborative Training February 5, 2022 – Virtual With Ellie Izzo, Ph.D.


When: Feb 05, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Type of Event:
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Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making
with Ellie Izzo, Ph.D.

Learn, polish, upgrade and refresh your skills for enrolling clients in the collaborative process

What would Divorce Collaboration/ Mediation look like if clients and professionals were able to enrich their emotional intelligence to better participate during and after the divorce experience?

How would families fare if, in the moment of their distress, they had a skill that would, quickly through its use, change their neurological process, and allow them to access more appropriate responses and insight into their thoughts, feelings and behaviors?

This training will explore the Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence, the corresponding neuroscience of the brain, and the importance of navigating intense negative emotions when making life-altering decisions.

Learning objectives:

The participants will be exposed to The Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and acquire the knowledge to enhance their communication process in divorce.
Participants will apply the neuroscience of the brain and discuss how the brain is positively changed by practicing the skill of E.I.
The participants will study the impact of emotional intelligence on decision-making, especially within the transitioning family.
Participants will enhance their coaching abilities to assist their clients to navigate through intense negative emotions to provide better divorce outcomes for parents and their children.
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