How much of a delay will there be if there is any legal dispute over the estate?

If there is litigation over an estate, it can take a year or more from the first filing of a document until there is a trial. Some cases take several years to resolve pending appeals. A family is at the mercy of the court’s crowded schedule, the availability of the attorneys, and any other involved parties. Much of the delay involves waiting for responses, a judge’s decisions on small issues, or coordinating everyone’s schedules to find a time for the case to move forward. In adversarial litigation, neither side has control over the other, and one side may be dragging their feet with no way to force them to respond.

The Collaborative Process can save time. Being solution focused produces a more efficient process where meetings focus on gaining understanding and reaching agreements. Progress is not dependent on a court schedule or a formal legal process. Meeting schedules can be flexible and accommodate work and personal obligations.