How much might a legal dispute about a will or trust cost the estate?

Litigation can be expensive. It can easily cost $60,000 per side. The usual cost is well over $100,000 per side. Most costs stem from disagreements over sharing or hiding information including documents, preparing for and attending a trial. Everyone’s energy and resources are focused on proving the “other side” is wrong. If expert witnesses are involved, such as a forensic accountant, they can add a significant expense to the cost. There is also the emotional cost and stress over ruining family relationships.

The Collaborative Practice approach is far less costly than a court trial. Information and documents are voluntarily shared with all participants and professionals as a part of the process. No one must be proven “wrong” to “win.” All resources and effort is focused on finding solutions everyone can benefit from and live with. Experts provide neutral information, education, and help create options leading to solutions, instead of gearing up for battle against the expert hired by the “other” side.