Groundbreaking Workshop: How To Assist Clients To Become Agreement Ready

By Bart Carey, J.D., Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA®, MAFF®and Carol Hughes, Ph.D., LMFT

Cathleen Collinsworth

Cathleen Collinsworth

Carol Hughes

Carol Hughes

Bart Carey

Bart Carey







It’s the final meeting in your client’s Collaborative Divorce process. You are looking around the table and see that each client and professional appears ready to proceed. You have thoroughly prepared your client to be able to reach agreement with his spouse. Alas! Within the first half hour of this final meeting you realize that both your client and the other client are tenaciously clinging to their positions! You ask yourself how this could happen?

It’s important for everyone to become Agreement Ready.

Even experienced collaborative divorce practitioners often fail to understand how all professionals on an interdisciplinary team can assist clients, even high-conflict clients, to become Agreement Ready.  At CP Cal’s Celebration XIV on Sunday, on April 28, 2019, in San Diego, trainers Bart Carey, Cathleen Collinsworth and Carol Hughes will show you how.

This training provides tools and techniques to fully prepare clients for developing their Key Elements of Agreement, their Questions to Be Answered, and their Options for Resolution to efficiently and effectively Co-create their Agreements.

An experienced Collaborative Lawyer, Neutral Financial Specialist, Collaborative Divorce Coach and Neutral Child Specialist will describe the unique role that each professional team member plays in bringing clients to Agreement Readiness.

You will learn:

Shifting clients toward Agreement Readiness from the first client meeting.

Pioneering interdisciplinary teams employ all three disciplines, Collaborative Lawyers, Neutral Financial Specialists, Collaborative Divorce Coaches, and Neutral Child Specialists, from the first client meeting with each professional, to shift clients toward Agreement Readiness, simultaneously improving cost efficiency and facilitating better outcomes with more durable agreements.

Co-equal Professional Team Members educate clients about agreement readieness.

All professionals are included as co-equals on the interdisciplinary professional team at the inception of the collaborative divorce case and are simultaneously educating clients about how to become agreement ready.

Facilitating clients in developing Elements of Agreement, Questions To Be Answered and Options for Resolutions.

You will learn to use the tools and techniques taught in this training to assist clients to develop their Key Elements of Agreement, Questions To Be Answered and Options for Resolutions.

Maintain goal focus with legal education.

Collaborative Lawyers maintain goal focus with legal education presented in collaboration with each other, and with support from the Divorce Coaches, the Neutral Financial, and the Neutral Child Specialists.

How the Neutral Financial Specialist can provide clients with tools to become Agreement Ready.

Neutral Financial Specialists are uniquely qualified to provide clients with tools so that they can become Agreement Ready.

Children as “stakeholders”.

Children, both minor and adult, are ever-present stakeholders and major influences “in the room.”

The role of the Neutral Child Specialist in consensus building.

Neutral Child Specialists are uniquely situated to center parents on consensus building and are often the only team member with the standing to bring warring couples to agreement.

Coaches’ facilitation for outcome and agreement.

Learn about the Collaborative Divorce Coaches’ pivotal roles facilitate cost effective outcomes and durable agreements.

How the professional team creates a foundation for interest-based negotiation.

The professional team uses information that may have otherwise lay hidden to effectively and efficiently guide the family through the collaborative divorce process, and to create a foundation for interest-based negotiation.

Join us on Sunday, April 28, 2019, in San Diego, for this ground breaking workshop at the CP Cal Celebration XIV: Building the Collaborative Bridge.

Learn in person from Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA®, MAFF®, Collaborative Divorce Financial Professional and Mediator, Carol Hughes, Ph.D., LMFT, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Neutral Child Specialist, and Mediator and Bart Carey, JD, Law School Adjunct Professor, Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator, all professionals from Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County.

Once you learn these skills you too can assist your clients to be agreement ready to co-create cost-effective and durable agreements.