Civil Annulment

Grounds for civil annulment vary slightly from state to state. Generally, an annulment requires that at least one of the following reasons exists:

  • Misrepresentation or fraud. For example, if a spouse lied about her capacity to have children, that she had reached the age of consent, or that she was not married to someone else, an annulment could be granted.
  • Concealment. For example, if a spouse concealed an addiction to alcohol or drugs, a felony conviction, children from a prior relationship, a sexually transmitted disease, or impotency, an annulment might be granted.
  • Refusal or inability to consummate the marriage. Refusal or inability of a spouse to have sexual intercourse with the other spouse can be grounds for an annulment.
  • Misunderstanding. For example, if one person wanted children and the other did not, an annulment might be granted.