Collaborative Meeting

The Collaborative Process is conducted through a series of meetings with both parties and their Collaborative attorneys, coaches, child specialist, and financial professional(s). Meetings are intended to produce an honest exchange of information, the expression of needs and expectations, and the concern for the well-being of the children. Mutual problem solving, brainstorming and creativity are the products of these Collaborative meetings, which result in solutions and agreements. There are different ways clients can interact with the professionals working on their behalf. This versatility creates tremendous flexibility and creativity for maximum problem solving, solutions, and agreements in the Collaborative Process.

  • Three-Way Meetings: When both parties meet with the financial neutral or neutral child specialist
  • Four-Way Meetings: Meetings with the clients and attorneys or the clients and their coaches participating
  • Six-Way Meetings: Attorneys and coaches meet with both clients
  • Seven-Way Meetings: The above with the addition of the financial professional
  • Eight-Way Meetings: The above, with the child specialist also attending