How to File for Divorce

The following are all necessary in order to complete a no-fault divorce:

  • Both spouses agree to end the marriage and comply with the requirements for a no-fault divorce
  • A Marital Settlement Agreement is completed.  See Marital Settlement Agreement
  • A Financial Statement from both parties is completed
  • The Petition or Complaint is completed along with the Consent, Appearance and Waiver form
  • Child Custody Jurisdiction Form
  • Final Judgment or Decree
  • All legal documents must be signed in front of a notary public. The documents must then be filed with the County Clerk’s office. The Court will then arrange for a court date.
  • Both parties comply with the Separation Agreement; for example, with respect to division of all property, i.e. all titles and deeds are signed over to the appropriate party.
  • The person who files the papers attends the court hearing. The judge may briefly question the person filing for divorce. The judge will then state his/her findings and advise you as to the final steps to be taken.